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Redefining Poverty & Wealth


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[updated August 27th, 2014]

by Colin Denny Donoghue

While Big Brother keeps telling us they care about our rights, health and environment while using most of every tax dollar toward military occupations based on the fraud known as the “war on terror,” and giving billions of tax dollars to already rich bankers in massive “bail-outs,” what can we do, to disconnect from this system of exploitation and destruction?


If we want real “national security” shouldn’t we be supporting greater personal and environmental health through self-sufficiency?  Why not promote & support people owning their own tax-free land so they don’t have to be dependent on fraudulent Federal Reserve notes for survival, having to pay rent or property taxes their whole lives to live on a piece of Earth that should be a right for all?  Why not bring back Victory Gardens so people can grow their own food/medicine and not be dependent on corporations for basic necessities?


Why not end our dependency on the private central bank debt-based fractional reserve system (The Federal Reserve) that our entire economy is basically run by, that is a continual crime against the American People?!  The Federal Reserve, a private central bank, produces money out of thin air, (that’s what the fractional in a Fractional Reserve means basically) and then charges us, the taxpayers, interest on every dollar they produce, so that we can never truly “balance the budget;” the system is designed to create continual debt, and therefore make the Public continually dependent, and solidify the control of the banks over our society.

So how can we be less dependent on bankers and corporations who don’t care about people suffering?  How can we avoid poverty without participating in a rigged/unjust monetary system?

First of all, what is poverty exactly?  We are told it is lack of money.  But is it really?  When we think of those that are extremely poor, what do we picture? Someone who doesn’t have adequate food, water, clothing and shelter.  Yet, is money really necessary for those things?  If someone lives in a home they own, on land they own, and grows their own food, has access to clean drinking water, and perhaps even some solar power and a small wind turbine, what do they need money for? If they had little to none, but were content with their lives, would you call them “poor?”  Isn’t that what we’re really after, security of the basic necessities and happiness, not money?  But I cant afford to buy land or a house, let alone solar panels, you are probably thinking, and that’s the main problem that needs to be dealt with, as I will discuss more shortly.

“Though people have not progressed beyond the need to eat food and drink water and wear clothes and live in houses, most people have progressed beyond the domestic arts – the husbandry and wifery of the world – by which those needful things are produced and conserved.  In fact, the comparative few who still practice that necessary husbandry and wifery often are inclined to apologize for doing so, having been carefully taught in our education system that those arts are degrading and unworthy of people’s talents.

Educated minds, in the modern era, are unlikely to know anything about food and drink, clothing and shelter.  In merely taking these things for granted, the modern educated mind reveals itself also to be as superstitious a mind as ever has existed in the world.  What could be more superstitious than the idea that money brings forth food? … Most people appear to assume that when they have paid their money for these things they have entirely met their obligations.

Money does not bring forth food. Neither does the technology of the food system.  Food comes from nature and from the work of people.”

– Wendell Berry, in “Orion” magazine, summer 1999.

Increasing one’s self-sufficiency makes a lot of sense, but can be very difficult, and maybe becoming completely self-sufficient is not even the ideal.  Strong homestead communities that support each other can be a source of needed physical resources as well as friendship, service and real fun, things our modern society greatly lacks.  Being dependent on private central banks for the basic necessities of life is dangerous, as Americans learned during the last Great Depression, (which was basically caused by the banks, by suddenly shrinking the money supply drastically, to cause the collapse of smaller banks, so they could further concentrate their wealth and power to even more astronomical heights, which today is higher than ever).   Trying to afford the basics while having a low-paying job is hard enough, but then it may be difficult to find any job in the first place.  Unemployment keeps rising, as the bankers wallets get fatter… A population that is without the means to the basic necessities of life can be much more easily manipulated and controlled by the few that have abhorrent amounts of wealth, to further grow that wealth even more.  One possible future manifestation of this has been reported as the possibility of a manufactured flu being released on the public, and then pushing unhealthy vaccines on an already mostly unhealthy populace.  Sound crazy?  Well it is!  But guess what?  There are people that crazy in positions of great power, and historically there always has been!  And in fact there is already something that crazy and wrong going on, continually, every day: fluoridation of our water supply and mercury being put in our vaccines and tooth fillings.

Back to the issue of poverty and dependency (on corporations/government that obviously don’t have our health & happiness in mind); being more self-sufficient and less controllable by government/corporations sounds great, but you may not be able to afford to own your own house or land.  Me neither! That’s why this social-system has continually expanded the gap between rich and poor, and made it so a few earn in days of interest on the money sitting in their accounts what the majority would have to work for years to earn.  It’s a system that is inherently unjust, which if after realizing this, you want to boycott, is not easy to get out of.  Many Americans think getting into debt by taking out loans and getting credit cards is just the way it has to be, and so they get into so much debt they have to work the rest of their lives (doing work that isn’t their passion) just to pay it off, and never have money enough to own the land/house, etc. we really need, and that money is just a manufactured tool to obtain.

We live in a society that creates dependency, a competitive/non-cooperative mindset, ill-health, and unhappiness… all of which benefit the few while harming the many.

It’s time for a change.  And by change I mean a complete reversal, not the illusory change that the status-quo is offering us, like requiring health insurance, which would just makes us more money-dependent and life-time corporate sponsors with no choice about it.  The end of poverty isn’t going to come from the World Bank or any other statist/corporaist method, it will come by rejecting the system as a whole and declaring our individual sovereignty and birthright to land & water.

The liberating truth is out there, if we seek it out, so don’t trust the so-called “elite” to tell us what the real solutions are, it’s not in their selfish/power-crazed interest to do so.